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HI ! I'm a girl from Belgium. I'm...old (yeah T-T) and i'm in college (i study sociology).
I'm a SHINee and VIXX blog plus some little stuffes like f(x) Amber (watch my name <3), SNSD hyoyeon or some other groups <3 I hope you will enjoy it so, Welcome <3
I used to run this blog with my sister but now she has her own : ken-chowchow, a VIXX and SHINee blog mostly (^_^)b
My english isn't my first language, so be patient <3

Paradise exists people ! I ordered My SHINee 3rd album (+poster) and the 3 VIXX mini album (+ on and on poster) !!! <3 I feel the power in me !!!

Hooray Dance with me XD

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